Zydeco/Cajun and Festival Photography



Southern Zydeco

Southern Cajun
The Pine Leaf Boys Ed Poullard Al Berard Walter Mouton
Steve Riley Balfa Toujours Bonsoir, Catin Jesse Lege
Red Stick Ramblers Kevin Wimmer Savoy Family Dennis Stroughmatt

Northeast Bands

River City Slim & The Zydeco Hogs C'est Bon Li'l Anne & Hot Cayenne  Girl Howdy
Redline Zydeco Planet Zydeco Magnolia JimmyJo & the Jumbol'Ayuhs
Lee Ron Zydeco Cleoma's Ghost Ryan Brunet & Les Malfecteurs Dancing


Grassroots Festivals
Trumansburg, N.Y. 


...........below are really really old Photos with a pretty crummy camera from back in the dark ages of photography (yeah..and my skill level was pretty dreadful). Hey, even many of the photos above are pretty mediocre, but this zydecodance.net website is more about quantity than quality at this point...jeff.....


  Li'l Anne & Hot Cayenne, Back Porch Rockers & Jesse Lege  Li'l Pookie  Jan'03   Clinton Corners '03   Leroy Thomas May '03
          Alligator Zydeco  May '03


Photography by Jeff Folkins (folkins.net or email jfolkins  :at:  rochester.rr.com).   All photographs copyright 2004-2016.
However I am happy to grant use of photos if asked.