Cajun & Zydeco Springtime Family Reunion

Tommys Farm, Salt Point NY,  Memorial Day

Salt Point '06

Salt Point '05

Clinton Corners '03


Many thanks go out to Pat, Will and the many volunteers who put in a tremendous effort to put on the Salt Point festivals.  Also thanks go to the many volunteers who have made each of the various Memorial Day festivals happen throughout the last several years.  These festivals occupy an important part in many of our hearts.  Also special thanks to Tommy Hahn for the use of his beautiful farm.  And thank you to the cows for providing the appropriate ambiance.                  Springtime Festival Informational Website

All of the photographs here are copyright 2003-2006.  However, I am happy to grant use of any of the photos as long as you ask.  If you would like a full resolution version of any particular picture suitable for printing just write to me and I will be happy email it to you. 

Photography by Jeff Folkins (email jfolkins at