Folkins Family



Amy & Ryan's Wedding Beth & Dan's Wedding Beth & Dan's Engagement 2012 Claire & Pete's Wedding
Christmas Josh & B's Wedding Buffalo Bills vs Jets 2011 Polly & Lance's Wedding
Colleen & Janis' Farm 2011 Long Island 2009 July 4th, 2011 Utah '08
California '06 Cape Cod 2005
Israel - Jordan - Egypt '08 Florida & Cruise 2004
Easter 2003 Cape Cod 2003   Newport Beach 2003    
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Jeff Folkins (jfolkins1 :at:
Cindy Cowley Folkins (cc_artist :at:
Bethany Callahan (Folkins) (beth :at:,
Amelia Folkins (amy :at:, Pickle (grand-cat)
Dana Cowley
Josh Cowley
Lilly (no email, she's a cat, she can't type)
Sampson (grand-dog, he can't type either)
John W. Folkins (brother)
Rhonda Chertkow (sister)
James Richard Folkins (brother)



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