'99 Quiz

Legs - Star - Gypsy

Brunettes With Attitude 1999
3rd Annual Birthday Quiz


1.) An event at which 2 Brunettes wore pearls and the third wore what?
Debra's wedding

2.) Where did Gypsy move in July?

3.) What are the birth places of each Brunette?
DHR - Rochester, NY
SL - Astoria/Queens, NY
EB - Richmond, VA

4.) Which Brunettes got new cars in the past year?
Susan & Debra

5.) Which Brunettes have purple trim on their houses?
Esther & Susan

6.) Which Brunette barks when really, really happy?

7.) Which Brunette says, "Hi Girls!" when she sees cows?

8.) Names of Brunette's pets?
Dallas,& Nevada (EB), the late Sidney (SL) and Zeke (DHR)

9.) What is the preferred hot beverage of each Brunette?
DHR - coffee, SL - tea, EB - Roma or Inca

10.) Which Brunette wears a sleeping mask?
BONUS: At what event did the other 2 Brunettes discover this?
Falcon Ridge, 1997

11.) Which Brunette has the neatest car?
Undetermined - no consensus

12.) Who has the Imelda Room?

13.) Which Brunette had the party at which the BWA's were officially named?
BONUS: When was the party and from what was the name derived?
An after-dance party in Dec.1996; the Brunette's had given each
other "gloves with attitude" from the J. Peterman catalogue at their first
gift exchange at Hattie's.

14.) What were the Brunette's majors in college?
DHR- History
SL - English
EB - English

15.) What was the first BWA quiz and who won it?
Guess the years in which each of the Brunettes was born; Greg
Scragg won.

EXTRA CREDIT: Name an event, other than Debra's wedding, that all 3
attended and none wore black?...
There's never been one.

The Brunettes had to admit that Gregg's score was the closest. Jenny &
Kelli's answers were chosen as most creative and Paula had our favorite
answer (ghost written by Richard)

Here are the best of J &K's answers:

#2. The city pound. (Debra was a bit hurt til they explained that they
thought Gypsy was a Brunette Pet )

#9. DHR - Ovaltine
SL - Theraflu
EB - Double Espresso (Decaf)

#14. DHR - Deconstructionist Literary Theories of 19th century France
SL - Driveway Stenciling
EB - Internet Body Surfing

BWA's favorite answer ... (drum roll) ...
#13. BONUS Bill Clinton's Inaugural Party when they all turned him down.

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