Legs - Star - Gypsy

Brunettes With Attitude 1999
3rd Annual Birthday Quiz

1) An event at which 2 Brunettes wore pearls and the third wore what?

2) Where did Gypsy move in July?

3) What are the birth places of each Brunette?


4) Which Brunettes got new cars in the past year?

5) Which Brunettes have purple trim on their houses?

6) Which Brunette barks when really, really happy?

7) Which Brunette says, "Hi Girls!" when she sees cows?

8) Names of Brunette's pets?

9) What is the preferred hot beverage of each Brunette?


10) Which Brunette wears a sleeping mask?

11) Which Brunette has the neatest car?

12) Who has the Imelda Room?

13) Which Brunette had the party at which the BWA's were officially

Bonus: When was the party and from what was the name BWA derived?

14) What were the Brunette's majors in college?


15) What was the first Brunette Birthday Quiz and who won it?

Extra Credit: Name an event, other than Debra's wedding, that all 3 attended and
none wore black?...

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Pictures by Jeff Folkins (Web or email jeff at folkins.net)