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Photography of the '05 Grassroots Festival of Music & Dance

Trumansburg, NY July 21-24, 2005


Buffalo 1
  People 1   Parade 1   The Horseflies
Buffalo 2
  People 2   Parade 2   Jennie Stearns & Jim Lauderdale
Sim Redmond & Five2
  People 3   Parade 3   Bobby Henrie & the Goners
  People 4   Mamadou Diabate &  Los Pochos   Zydeco - Frank Family
The Waifs & Ricky Lee Jones
  People 5   Instruments & Things   Cajun - Walter Mouton
  People 6   The Campbell Brothers & Flying Clouds   Performance
Assorted Music            

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Photography by Jeff Folkins, Rochester NY.  All photos copyright 2004,2005,2006

Note: If anyone who appears in any of the photos on these pages and would prefer not to have their picture displayed here please write to me and I will remove the photo  (email jfolkins at  All photographs here are copyright 2005.  However, I am happy to grant use of any of the photos as long as you ask.  If you would like a full resolution (suitable for printing) version of any picture that you appear in just write to me and I will be happy to email it to you.     

Photography by Jeff Folkins (email jfolkins at